Thanks a lot to all my Blog Visitors for giving an overwhelming response to this blog and encouraging my efforts. I received many requests for posting G.K. materials also for SNAP. So here it is. The links for G.K. materials are given below along with the links for the MOCK-SNAPs.

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Welcome to My Blog

Dear MBA Aspirant,
First of all let me introduce myself. My name is Sneha Mehta. A few years ago I was also in the same race as you are now. Did my MBA (PGDBM-Core) from IMT-G in 2003 (Batch-2001-03). Worked for a renowned MNC for 3.5 years. However, just a year back, i left my well-paying job just to satisfy my dream. I don't know what motivated me to take this important step of my life, whether my childhood dream or hobby to teach and guide people. I always loved to teach. After teaching or guiding people, somewhere in my heart, i used to be very happy. Or in a way, you can say that teaching was my passion. So, left my job and started giving personal coaching to MBA aspirants in their preparation for various MBA exams.. Just some days back, thought of helping other people also on internet. So opened this blog... As CAT, (or I can say, nightmare for many aspirants) is over now, they must be concentrating on other exams like SNAP, NMAT, XAT, etc. I always believe since my own preparation days that the best practice for cracking various MBA examinations is writing their respective MOCKS, viz. MOCK-SNAP, MOCK-NMAT, etc.

But as a matter of fact, i have seen that not many practice mocks are available for SNAP, NMAT. So, people either don't get enough MOCKS to practice or they practice by writing MOCK CAT for other exams like SNAP, NMAT.. Which in both the cases, does not gives desired practice.. So, i have uploaded several MOCK-SNAP Papers here..

When i started this blog, the one thing i decided was that i will keep this service of providing MOCK-SNAP, MOCK-NMAT, and other MOCKS, GD/PI counselling, career guidance, etc. free of charge.. If you wish, you can visit our sponsors on this blog and help the blog going(No compulsion, its your wish :) )

The Links to download the MOCK-SNAPs are given below.

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Sneha Mehta

Mock Snap 1
Below given is the link to download
Mock-Snap 1. Download and Practice.
Link-Mock SNAP 1

Mock Snap 2
Below given is the link to download
Mock-Snap 2. Download and Practice.
Link-Mock SNAP 2

G.K. Materials Part I
Below given is the link
to download G.K. Materials Part I.
Download and Read. Enjoy !!!
Link-G.K. Materials Part I

G.K. Materials Part II
Below given is the link
to download G.K. Materials Part II.
Download and Read. Enjoy !!!
Link-G.K. Materials Part II